The raw crude offered is excellent for educators teaching about oil and gas production or for the scientist/inventor wanting to research or experiment with produced oil. Our oil is in its most natural form, unrefined, and directly from the well. Characteristics such as color, viscosity, and small amounts of water may vary.

Safety is most importance, not only for the user but also our enviroment. Make sure you have thouroughly read the Terms & Conditions before placing an order.

  • You must be a minimum of 18 years old to purchase.
  • Please use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while using this product.
  • Work in an area with plenty of fresh air.
  • Take proper disposal measures when done.

Texas Raw Crude currently offers two size options:

1 gallon



2 Gallons



(Prices are subject to change at anytime based on availability)

Two Oil Options are Available

Scott Well - Lab Info:

  • Flash Point 152 degrees fahrenheit
  • ppm H2S 0.0

North Well - Lab Info:

  • Currently Out of Stock

For International Orders, please contact us for a quote as shipping charges will vary. Duties/Taxes not included.

Only "Scott Well Oil" is available for International/Air shipping.

Additional Ordering Options are coming soon!

Texas Raw Crude is West Texas unrefined crude oil samples that can be shipped to anywhere in the United States, for International Shipping, or any other questions or concerns, please Contact Us or give us a call @ (432) 296-1577

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